Apple has introduced a unique requirement for customers eagerly anticipating the pre-order launch of the Vision Pro on January 19.

In an email notification sent out today, Apple informed users that to ensure a precise fit of the headset’s band, they would need to perform a Face ID scan using an iPhone or iPad during the pre-order process. 

The Vision Pro is set to launch on February 2, with deliveries commencing on the same date. US customers can make their purchases on, through the Apple Store app, and in retail Apple Stores.

Apple emphasized that the latest version of the Apple Store app would be essential for customers conducting the face scan during the pre-order process. For individuals who wear glasses, Apple has considered their needs by offering an option to include optical inserts in the headset. These inserts, provided by Apple’s partner Zeiss, can be obtained for an additional fee, and customers will be required to share an updated official prescription document during the pre-order.

For those still contemplating the purchase of the Vision Pro, priced at approximately $3,499, Apple revealed that the headset would be available in-store for demonstrations on the launch date. 

Beyond its crisp 3D visuals, which garnered praise during a hands-on preview after its announcement at Apple’s WWDC 2023 keynote, the Vision Pro aims to be more than just a VR device for watching films and playing games. Apple envisions it as a tool that will facilitate social connections in Horizon Worlds.

The Vision Pro’s integration with a Meta-designed gaming program enables users to freely navigate virtual worlds, redefining the boundaries of modern social networking and online gaming. Apple’s commitment to positioning the Vision Pro as a spatial computer opens up endless possibilities for developers to create innovative and engaging applications. 

The headset’s launch is eagerly anticipated, promising a new era in immersive technology.

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