Master & Dynamic, known for its pursuit of audio excellence, brings forth the MW09, the latest addition to its true wireless earbuds lineup. With a price tag ranging from $349 to $399, these earbuds not only exhibit the brand’s signature design but also promise enhancements in sound quality, active noise cancellation (ANC), and call performance.


Staying true to its distinctive design, Master & Dynamic retains the D-shaped housing for the outer part of each earbud. A subtle circular element adds aesthetic charm without introducing additional controls. The top edge still hosts controls, featuring a volume rocker on the left and a multi-function button for playback and calls on the right. 

The company maintains its commitment to premium materials, opting for a blend of aluminum and sapphire glass, ensuring durability and style. The MW09 is IP54 rated for dust and moisture resistance, with additional options like a Kevlar case available for an extra $50. Fit customization is a strong suit, offering five sizes of silicone tips and two sizes of foam tips.

Software and Features

The M&D Connect app serves as the control center for the MW09, providing access to battery life indicators, sound presets, customizable EQ, and ambient sound options. Offering multipoint support and thoughtful features like in-ear detection settings and an auto-off timer, the app ensures a user-friendly experience. 

While not overloaded with options, it strikes a balance between essential settings and a degree of customization.

Sound Quality and Noise Cancellation

Master & Dynamic’s dedication to balanced, natural sound continues with the MW09. The earbuds excel in clarity, offering an immersive experience across various music genres. The MW09’s sound tuning accommodates a range of styles, from Chris Stapleton’s bluesy rock to the intensity of metal, delivering depth and layering. 

The earbuds provide multiple sound presets, with the Audiophile option emphasizing treble and mids. The ANC setup, featuring three presets—Max ANC, All Day ANC, and Adaptive ANC—demonstrates effectiveness against distractions, although the impact on battery life is acknowledged.

Call Quality and Ambient Sound

The MW09 introduces an “AI-enhanced” voice setup for calls, employing six microphones and offering wind reduction. While effective in reducing background noise, the overall clarity falls short of the touted natural performance. The three ambient sound modes cater to different preferences, with the Voice preset standing out for calls and situational awareness. The transparency mode, while not matching Apple’s AirPods Pro, exceeds average performance.

Battery Life

Master & Dynamic enhances the MW09’s battery life, providing up to 12 hours with ANC and 16 hours without, with an additional 32 hours in the charging case. Quick charge functionality adds two hours of use in five minutes. Despite falling slightly short of the stated 12-hour mark during testing, the MW09’s 10-hour duration at higher volume levels positions it competitively among premium earbuds.


In comparison to competitors like Sony’s WF-1000XM5 and Bose’s QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds, the MW09 competes admirably. While Sony claims the top spot with a myriad of features, Master & Dynamic’s commitment to craftsmanship and sound quality holds its ground. Bose’s offering, priced at $299, presents an alternative with impressive noise-canceling capabilities.

In conclusion, the Master & Dynamic MW09, with its premium materials, refined design, and commitment to audio excellence, establishes itself as a contender in the true wireless earbuds market. The focus on customization, sound quality, and thoughtful features positions it as an appealing choice for audiophiles seeking a balance between style and substance.

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