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On one level it is a humble young footballer visiting his home town in Ivory Coast. But that’s not the full story.

At the age of 12 – only six years ago – Amad was essentially kidnapped as part of a child trafficking ring and smuggled into Italy by two people posing as his parents. They were named Traore and gave Amad that name. Amad has recently confirmed he wants to be known as Amad Diallo without the Traore.

Earlier this year, it was Amad who was fined €48,000 by Italian authorities, instead of the people who smuggled him as a helpless child.

All this has made the young Manchester United star deeply patriotic to land he was snatched from. He is Ivorian through and through.

That is why this photo of Amad back in his birthplace of Abidjan means so much. He is back home.

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