Thiago Silva powerful message ignites motivation and inspires everyone around

Thiago Silva powerful message ignites motivation and inspires everyone around

Thiago Silva has been inspiring players in the dressing room, and now he’s released some words to the fans who watch him every week, telling them how they can make a success of their lives.

Speaking in a nice interview on the Premier League website, Silva explained it all, with a big chunk of advice for anyone in the position he was in in 2005 when he came close to giving up on his dream of playing football as a pro after be caught Tuberculosis in Russia.

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“If I could give [past Silva] one piece of advice today, do not let them touch your lung or do the operation. Because automatically by having that surgery, you will no longer be able to play football at the highest level.

“If that is your dream, don’t let them touch you.

“I would only say one thing: believe in God, have faith in him that everything will work out. I believe… you’ll get through it like you always do.

“Thiago, listen to the advice that your manager, your mother, your girlfriend will give you. Listen to them and do what they’re telling you, because they want the best for you.

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“Once you get past this difficult period, you’ll be victorious. Not only for fulfilling your dream of playing football, but also for winning almost all the titles that you longed for and dreamed of.

“Thiago, the advice I can give you is that you are a dreamer, you are a guy who fights for what you want. As a man that chases his goals, never change that! Keep it up and you will have a victorious career.”

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It’s inspiring stuff for anyone, no matter what your aims are. We’ve sadly given up on ever making it as Premier League footballers, but every dream, no matter how small, is worth pursuing.

Silva’s story is a rare one, but one that can inspire everyone. He won domestic trophies in Brazil, Italy and France, and has been a huge hit at Chelsea.

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