Pochettino’s strong push for Osimhen is completely logical and understandable

Pochettino’s relentless pursuit of Osimhen is completely justifiable and makes perfect sense


Victor Osimhen to Chelsea is a rumour that makes so much sense that it feels we’re guaranteed to hear about it constantly, no matter how much truth there is in it at any time.

We heard yesterday that Mauricio Pochettino is a fan of the striker, and that doesn’t surprise us at all. Who isn’t? He’s seemingly got it all in his locker, and Chelsea are short of a true top tier goalscorer.

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If Pochettino could add one thing to his squad it would probably be that. It would be the kind of purchase a club with a major weakness like Chelsea would hope could catapult them back into contention.

We have no doubt that the manager is enjoying working with and developing Nicolas Jackson, and we’re sure he knows he was signed up to help work with younger and less experienced players.

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But could he turn down the chance to so swiftly improve his team and his career prospects? Probably not. If there’s anyone who will be pushing for Chelsea to make the massive investment, it’s the man who stands to benefit most.

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