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Nigerian actor Chris Iheuwa has thanked God after escaping from ritualists.

According to him, he escaped from the human organ harvesters in faraway Port Harcout, Rivers state.

The ‘La Femme Anjola’ actor, on June 4, 2021, narrated his ordeal in a long statement documenting his narrow escape.

Iheuwa recounted how someone had called him for a movie role in Port Harcourt, paid for his air fare and sent him a chauffeur-driven vehicle only for him to end up in a ritualist and human organs traders’ den.

The actor said he was lucky to have informed his friend, a police top shot ahead of his trip who also furnished details of his location when he became suspicious of the activities of the fake movie producers.

According to him: “Our moviemaking job takes us to various locations, towns, villages, States and in some cases countries.

“I had rounded up filming a flick with Biodun Stephen at Peaceville Estate in Thomas Estate within the neighborhood of Ajah inward Epe, outskirts of Lagos State and was heading home to the other side of town, Ikeja GRA to be precise, when I a call came through on my phone.

“Hello I bellowed, in my official voice to an unknown line or an unfamiliar number.

“Good afternoon Sir, is this Chris, please?” the female voice from the other end of the line enquired…somehow , there’s a ‘let your guards down’ effect the female folk voice has on men, I must confess , I am no exception.

“Yes , this is he …how can I help please…I enquired.

“My name is Ama Pepple, I am calling from Rumuola in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, a producer gave us your name and number, we are working on a movie project and would like for you to be part of it.

“Thank you for reaching out Ms Pepple, I responded…and in my usual manner I enquired … may I have the date, the script so I can go through before we discuss artiste fees.

“Ok Sir…” she responded.

“A week later, we agreed on date, artiste fees, costume and location for the shoot in PH, Rivers State.

“Days afterwards, I received a travel document on Air Peace for PH.

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