Chilwell and Jackson remain Chelsea’s attacking gems

Ben Chilwell and Nicolas Jackson are still Chelsea’s attacking gems

If you want to look at a player’s attacking productivity in a very simple way, FBRef’s “(non-penalty) expected goals and expected assists, per 90” is a good way of doing it.

Without spot kicks skewing the numbers, adjusts for time spent on the pitch and just tells you who is creating chances and taking shots from dangerous areas. In a crude way, it tells you just who is most involved in attack.

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Cole Palmer has shot up the list to 3rd, and he both creates chances and takes shots. He’s at 0.72, trailing Nicolas Jackson and Ben Chilwell from the first team regulars.

After him, there’s a major dropoff to Raheem Sterling, at 0.49, showing that the amazing Palmer is not far off doubling his opposite number on the other wing.

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It will be interesting to check back on this come the end of the season, working out who has moved up the table and who has moved down.

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