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Nuno Espirito Santo Has Signed His Contract As New Tottenham Manager

Done and confirmed. Nuno Espirito Santo has signed his contract as new Tottenham manager until June 2023, official statement announces. ⚪ #THFC #Spurs

Arsenal Have Made An Official Bid For Locatelli

Sassuolo CEO Carnevali to Sky Sport: “Arsenal have made an official bid for Locatelli. They’re pushing hard to sign Manuel and it’s an important bid… we will see.

Also Juventus want Locatelli and we’ve a special relationship with them. We’ve a new meeting scheduled with Juve”.

source :- Fabrizio Romano

Burkina Faso President Takes on Defence Role Amid Security Crisis

Burkina Faso’s president Roch Kabore has taken over the role of defence minister in a cabinet reshuffle aimed at stopping a wave of jihadist attacks that has plagued the West Africa country in recent years, according to a presidential decree on Wednesday.

Groups linked to al Qaeda and Islamic State originally based in neighbouring Mali have embedded themselves across north and eastern Burkina Faso, launching regular attacks on civilians, including one this month that killed more than 130 people, the worst in years. read more

Pressure has increased on Kabore to win back control and end a humanitarian crisis in which more than 1 million people have been displaced by violence.

Leading opposition politicians have demanded the resignation of the government and called for a demonstration this weekend against what they say is the government’s inability to deal with the crisis.

Kabore will oversee the defence ministry with help from Colonel Major Aimé Simpore, replacing Cheriff Sy who was in the post since January 2019, according to the decree read on national television. Simpore had previously helped run national security policy.

Maxime Koné will replace Ousseni Compaore as security minister.

Despite the presence of thousands of U.N. peacekeepers, attacks by jihadists in West Africa’s Sahel region have risen sharply since the start of the year, particularly in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, with civilians bearing the brunt.

The attack this month pushes the number killed by armed Islamists in the Sahel region to more than 500 since January, according to Human Rights Watch.


El Salvador’s Appointment Of New Judges Raises Fears Of Power Grab

Lawmakers in El Salvador on Wednesday voted to keep the head of the Supreme Court in place for three more years and appointed five new justices, triggering concerns that President Nayib Bukele is shoring up a bid to consolidate power.

Bukele’s New Ideas (NI) party and its allies hold a super-majority in El Salvador’s Congress, where lawmakers have now appointed 10 court judges in less than two months.

Supreme Court President Oscar Lopez was first appointed last month, just as Bukele’s legislative allies abruptly ousted five judges as well as the attorney general in a move that was harshly criticized by the United States and international rights groups as a dangerous power grab.

The new judges to the 15-seat court will be able to serve for nine years.

Bukele said lawmakers voted in line with the constitution and selected the judges from candidate lists submitted by bar associations.

“Their decisions are totally legitimate and represent the power of the people,” Bukele said on Twitter.

However, during the congressional session that began on Tuesday and stretched until dawn, lawmaker Dina Argueta from the leftist Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) warned that the new judges were Bukele loyalists whose appointments marked a “concentration of power.”

Jose Miguel Vivanco, the head of Human Rights Watch in the Americas, also expressed worry that the new judges would not be impartial.

“I am concerned about the appointment of judges to be made tonight,” he wrote on Twitter shortly before the vote.

“Under rule of law, judges must be appointed through a transparent, previously established process that guarantees their independence.”


Canada’s Senate Puts LGBT Conversion therapy Bill On Hold For Summer

A pledge by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ban LGBT conversion therapy has been delayed until at least September, after an attempt to recall the Senate over the summer to deal with the bill failed late on Tuesday.

Canada’s Senate, or upper chamber, held special sittings earlier this week to deal with a raft of bills passed last week by House of Commons lawmakers ahead of their summer break, adopting the key budget bill late last night. read more

A push by the government’s representative in the Senate to add sittings over the summer to deal with outstanding business, like the conversion therapy bill, was blocked.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland on Wednesday told reporters she was frustrated that the Senate did not see through Bill C-6, which passed by Canada’s House of Commons 263 to 63 last week.

“Disappointed is too weak a word,” she said. “This is something that would really help Canadians and not doing it really hurts a lot of people.”

Aimed at changing a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity, conversion therapy can include talk therapy, hypnosis, electric shocks and fasting. The American Medical Association has condemned the practice as “harmful and ineffective.”

Conservative Senator Don Plett said the push to fast-track the bill had more to do with Trudeau’s Liberals scoring political points ahead of an expected election, which could come as soon as September.

“Liberals are playing politics with important bills again,” he tweeted on Wednesday.

The bill will be considered when the Senate reconvenes in late September, though if an election is called before then, the legislation will die with all other unfinished business.

Trudeau, whose Liberals have a minority government, is eyeing a snap election to capitalize on Canada’s emergence from the COVID-19 pandemic, two sources told Reuters


Hidalgo Becomes Third Mexican state To Allow Abortion

Lawmakers in Mexico’s Hidalgo state on Wednesday voted to lift the penalties for elective abortion, making Hidalgo the third state in the largely Roman Catholic country to let women choose to end their pregnancies.

The initiative passed with 16 votes in favor and one abstention with 28 lawmakers present, Hidalgo’s congress said on Twitter.

Only the vast capital of Mexico City and the southern state of Oaxaca also allow women to opt for abortions, as long as they are within 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Hidalgo’s law, which follows the same terms, will go into effect once it is published in the state’s official government gazette.

Hidalgo, which neighbors Mexico City, previously had only allowed abortion in certain cases, including if the mother had been raped.

Several dozen women clad in green bandannas symbolizing the abortion rights movement burst into cheers and applause outside the session as the vote count was announced, local media showed.

Although Latin America has some of the world’s harshest abortion laws, a growing movement has called for a loosening of restrictions and Argentina legalized the procedure in December.


Reno Omokri Reacts As Toyota Snubs Nigeria, Opens Assembly Plant In Ghana

Reno Omokri, a former media aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, has reacted as Nigeria get snubbed by Toyota, a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer and opened an assembly plant in Ghana, Igbere TV reports.

According to report the plant was established to assembly Toyota Hilux pick-up and other sedans by the Toyota Tsusho Manufacturing Company Limited.

The plan is located in the Freezones Enclave in Tema.

President Akufo-Addo of Ghana commissioned the plant yesterday (Tuesday, June 29, 2021), saying the development will help make the acquisition of new vehicles by Ghanaians more affordable as well as enable public sector workers to be able to afford and purchase locally assembled vehicles.

Reacting to the development via his Instagram account on Wednesday, Reno Omokri said;
“Toyota snubbed Nigeria for Ghana

“Twitter snubbed Nigeria for Ghana

“Google AI Twitter snubbed Nigeria for Ghana

“Suzuki snubbed Nigeria for Ghana

“And that is why one GH₵1 is equal to ₦70. Even Buhari snubbed Nigeria for The UK when it came to healthcare.

“The world will continue to snub a government that arrests freedoms, for a government that arrests poverty.”

How Lady Lured Nnamdi Kanu From London To A South American Country

There are Indications that IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, was arrested in a South American country after he was tricked by a Nigerian Lady working undercover with Nigerian security agencies

A source who did not give details of what Nnamdi Kanu was doing with the lady in the South American country, confirmed that Nnamdi Kanu left his London abode where as a British citizen, he has rights and flew to the South American country, thereby falling prey to security operatives.

The source said that on arriving at the popular South American country, the undercover agent ushered him to a hotel which unknown to Kanu was already secured by intelligence operatives.

The IPOB leader was subsequently tranquilized with a suspected high dose of drugs that knocked him off before he was moved into a vehicle and driven to the airport.

Thereafter, the source said Kanu was flown to Nigeria in a private jet which was already on standby for the journey to Nigeria and that he slept all through the journey.

A source said the successful arrest of Nnamdi Kanu by the coordinated efforts of Nigerian Security Agencies led by the National Intelligence Agency and INTERPOL and his subsequent Movement to Nigeria, was the reason President Muhammadu Buhari’s scheduled trip to London for medical check up was postponed.

The planning and execution of the arrest and his movement to Nigeria was said to be ‘an Ultra-Secret Intelligence Mission’ which many diplomatic and other officials, even in government were not privy to.

Source:- Vanguard

2023: I Don’t Know What Record Yahaya Bello Will Campaign With – Sagay

Professor Itse Sagay SAN, Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC), on Wednesday said he does not know what record Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello is going to base his presidential ambition on if truly he is serious about contesting in the 2023 general elections.

The governor, in a recent interview, had said he is considering running for President in 2023 on the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) as all Nigerians are asking him to run.

“Nigerians, the youth and women, and all Nigerians, including very objective elites are asking me to run for President in 2023. And I believe it is high time that we look into capacity, who can do the job, who is going to unify this country. And I think they are seeing something in me that they are asking me to come and unite and fix this country.”

However, speaking in an interview with DAILY INDEPENDENT, Sagay said Yahaya Bello needs to understand that by the zoning arrangement in the ruling party, it will be the turn of the South to produce the APC presidential candidate in 2023.

He said: “If he (Yahaya Bello) wants to run, he knows what to do. But he should know that this time around in 2023, it is the turn of the South. The North is already completing its two terms in the current dispensation and it will rotate to the South.

“But if he wants to go against that understanding and run, let him do so and let’s see how much support he is going to get.”

On the governor’s claim that Nigeria needs a youthful president in 2023, Sagay said being a youth is not an automatic qualification for becoming president.

“If he says Nigerians need youth as president, we have to select the youth we want, not anybody who can just jump in because he is a youth. Being a youth is not an automatic qualification for the presidency.

“So, he can do what he wants to do but nobody is committed to his line of thinking at all. I don’t know what record he is going to base his presidential ambition on.”

Source:- Independent Ng

Kano Hisbah Bans Use Of Mannequins For Display Of Clothes By Tailors, Boutique O

The Kano State Hisbah Board has ordered tailors, supermarkets and boutique owners to stop using mannequins to display clothes in the state.

The Commander General of Hisbah, Sheikh Harun Ibn-Sina, announced the ban on Wednesday, adding that the use of mannequins for advert purposes contravenes Islamic injunctions.

According to Mr Ibn-Sina, “Hisbah prohibits the use of mannequins at shops, commercial and private residences and other public places.

This violates Islamic provisions, it is also responsible for immoral thoughts among some members of the public, all these are against Islam.

“We have divided Kano into five areas for the monitoring and implementation of the ban across the state,” Tribune reports.

He also said that the agency would embark on sensitisation of the people to educate them on how Islam frowns on the use of the mannequins, while the agency will send its officials to apprehend and prosecute offenders.

The board had recently arrested 40 teenagers for their alleged involvement in immoral acts, which according to the board are prohibited under the Sharia Law operating in Kano state

Similarly, the board on May 25, prohibited the sale of beer in the state, after it arrested a driver conveying bottles of beer from Zaria to Kano.

Source:- Gazette Ngr

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